Sunday, March 29, 2009


My hand, that is. More specifically, my right pinky just above where my ring sits. Nice and red and just painful enough to make me know that what I did was silly.
While making an cappuccino in a traditional Italian espresso maker on a gas stove, I realized I hadn't tightened the espresso maker enough (Read: Water started splurting out the middle of the machine and all over the stove). Perseverance told me that the aluminum coffee maker would be hot from being on the stove so I grabbed a tea towel to prevent from burning myself and attempted to tighten it. This is where the story goes wrong.
See, when the corner of a tea towel comes in contact with the flame of a gas stove it catches fire. Who would've thought? By the time I realized it was on fire, there was no time to think. A few quick maneuvers and the tea towel fire was in the sink doused with water. The coffee was saved and my finger was burnt.


  1. LOL At least you saved the coffee....jezzz...ha ha ha

  2. OMG, I'm glad you weren't burnt worse! That's so scary, I don't like fire!!!! I'm with Lisa though in that I'm happy you saved the coffee!! :)