Monday, March 23, 2009


It's Roll Up The Rim time again at Tim Horton's. Every year this comes along and I play thinking to myself this year will be different. If I'm picking up a tea I might as well have a shot at winning something. I've been on a pretty dry spell since my coffee partner in crime moved away. I don't have high expectations but once every so many cups with the odds sounding good, it's bound to happen eventually that I roll up a cup and find something. This year cup one and cup two both had free coffees for me. I figured it was cool. One cup for me, one cup for you, Sister. I happily thought this was the year of change for me and Roll Up. I thought it was going great. I thought it was too good to be true.
I'm on my so-many-cups-I've-lost-count now and haven't won so much as a donut again. So, I announce that Roll Up and I are at a stalemate for the umteeth year in a row. Thanks for the fun and I'll see you again next year. The frustration of Please Play Again just isn't cutting it for me anymore this go round.

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