Friday, March 13, 2009

Imaginary Freedom.

Ha. Bite that, Mr. Fancy Bunk Exam. I finished you. I am indifferent about you. No love. No hate. Nothing.
My sister surprised me with a Tiber River pedicure, today. To just say my sister isn't right but there are no adjectives that describe how I feel about her. She has moved me. Pedicures are definitely something I think of when I think of Lisa. So, knowing that where she is there are no pedicure places and having had her send me was almost like we were doing it together -almost. It was silently emotional. It was a simple bittersweet. There is a raw emotion that stirs up and spills over whenever I think of the things we did together. Worse is doing the things we did together alone. I popped into Starbucks for something warm. As though the Universe knew, my cup had The Way I See It #286* on it. Lisa, it's the "half right" one. I miss you. I love you.
I picked up paint today. The kitchen is getting an overhaul. I might actually like these colours this time. If I do, they might spill into the hallway, the front entrance,'s hoping!
*I couldn't find a direct link to anything authentic Starbucks but the quote is at the top of that post on that blog.

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