Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Banish Thee Sick Fairy!

Get Serious! Get @#$%$#@ SERIOUS!
My son is hot off a string of the sick bugs. First bronchitis, then a chest infection with a dash of ear infection. Thank you to our great doctor who medicated him to health. Another thank you to my dear son for not fighting us when needing to take the medicine. For some weird reason he decided that he liked this one and did not require profuse bribing. HEY! A parent's gotta do what a parent's gotta do.
My daughter gets the sniffles but was otherwise clear. OK. Today, she is warm with a runny nose and coughing. With a little bit of help from King Tylenol and his army, we're working on this.
Hubby is fighting something with all his might. I applaud his determination. Vitamin C, some funky pills, slather on a pound of Vicks, GO!
Our roommate decides today that he is coming down with something. Now, thanks to yours truly, he is on some OTC meds to hopefully get back on his feet.
I had the doctor confirm for me today that my self diagnosis of strep throat was, in fact, correct. I am now taking antibiotics that will make it better. (Can you feel my Law of Attraction powers emitting in this declaration?) I am also trying to remember that I can't expect to feel better within hours of taking the medication when I ran a fever for two days and was otherwise incapacitated. I am again thankful for the doctor and to be functioning again even if it is at a semi-pathetic level.
Just moments before having everyone settled for what may prove to be a trying night, the dog starts puking! Get real! Not only does she puke but she also had a second issue though I will spare you the details of that one.
If the cat starts puking or otherwise expelling bodily matter I might be fit to be tied.
Enough already. Sick Fairy, thank you for the visit but it is time for you to MOVE OUT OF THIS HOUSE!
Tomorrow----or rather later today, when I've had something more than a migraine-relief Advil, the washing machine is going to be in full tilt. In my delusion, I am also considering skipping the dryer and perhaps laying the wash outside to freeze the sickness away. In that same delusion, I'm sitting here blogging rather than sending my tail to bed for some serious rest. Suck the marrow out of the bone.
Let's do this!

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