Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Recap: Mission - March

Update those documents. It MUST get done. I have mailed the forms away. I'm waiting for them to come back now.
Organize a quote book. You bet I did.
Get shelving for the kids' rooms. (I LOVE the way that sounds....kids! plural.) We'll see about this one. Someone very dear to me offered to make them shelves once the weather cooperates.
Wrap up stamp club. I did. I also have a spin off on this one. Watch for details in April.
Find journals for Baby Love Letters and start playing along. Oh, did I ever! I absolutely love how sweet and simple they are. Just beautiful.
Get taxes done. I have submitted my papers to be done. I am waiting to hear the bottom line.
Read a book. I did. Bridge to Terabithia. Get it. Read it.
Get all my textbooks together. Flunk. I thought about them. I considered getting them together. I decided this is way more than anything I could fit into March.
Rearrange our bedroom. I hit a road block. We are having a difference of opinion. I tried but I lost.
Print pictures from February. Nope. Blah.
Watch one full movie that I want to see and have not seen before. I did. It wasn't my style.
Start closet cycling. I have. There is a pile of stuff to move out. I even found a people who want the stuff. SWEET!
Get new tires for the car. Oh yes I did. Yes I did.

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