Thursday, March 19, 2009

Naps and Nonsense.

We woke gently and welcomed in the morning. We bustled about the house doing house kind of things. We danced and we laughed and we played. We had genuine clean fun. This afternoon while our sweet Steven was at nursery, we napped. Let me tell you, there is something magical about being able to slip into sleep midday that just changes the whole focus of it. I liked it. I think we should try it more often.
Mother Nature doesn't seem to be quite done with winter just yet as there was a chill in the air today that reminded me of a crisp fall afternoon and not a day-before-official-spring kind of nice. At least Mr.Sun knows to kiss our cheeks with a warmth that only Spring brings.
Three cheers for seeing Friday on the horizon!

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  1. um...have you been feeding your dog? she kinda looks anorexic!!!