Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hoodie or Bust.

That is the weather here today. Sorry Lisa! 6 degrees above with the sun shining bright. The windows are open and the air is flowing free. Out with you, Old Man Winter! Spring has sprung and this household is rockin'! Before we blink the tulips are going to be budding through the ground and reminding us of one of Life's greatest learned lessons, it will go on. I never used to be a fan of tulips. To me, they used to be a pathetic bloom that just wilts and dies. Then the more I grew, the more I thought about it and realized that tulips in all their beauty are here to teach us. Everything is. Know that. Watch for my musings on tulips on in an upcoming post.
No more time for blogging today. There are children that need to be enjoyed around here!

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