Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finding Our Way Back.

This week through us for a loop. Sick people are not fun. Sick babies are just about enough to break my heart. We stretched ourselves thin between crying, bathing, resting, laundry, dishes, and the million other things we've tried to pack in. Go slow. I need to remember sometimes to go slow.
Today we caught up on some of the sleep we missed out on these last couple days. We ate. It seemed that we hadn't done enough of that in the last couple days. I'm going to plunk my little mister into a tub and get him scrubbed clean. Then, I'm going to finish my assigned reading this week. Scarcity, guns and butter, trade offs, self interest and social interest...yeah. Those are words that I need to understand. Sorry to bore you! I'm also one page away from finishing my fun book this month. Oh YEAH!

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