Friday, April 30, 2010

Recap: Mission - April

Break a habit. I am on my way. I stumbled. I fell. I am back on track with this one and trying real hard.
Rearrange the living room. We absolutely did. I actually tucked this one in with an ulterior motive. I didn't want to say "spring clean" because otherwise I rebel and find excuses instead of productivity. By putting it this way, the cleaning is done and the room looks better. Now if only picking paint colours was this simple.
Hang mirror. It's been better not having it up this month. I'm not sure seeing my reflection would have been helpful for my recovery. Maybe in May.
Finish flooring. It's getting closer. Another layer is on and I'm done to touch ups and top coat.
Study up! I've been racing at it.
Watch a whole movie in once sitting. Not only did I watch one whole one but about four. It's quite nice if I may say so.
Finish reading two books. I finished one, The Gargoyle, just go read it.
Dream big. I've been thinking. My mind is working its magic. I've been creating webs of ideas. Try this one some time. Just let your mind go. Have fun!
Sew a project. No way. Didn't happen. I did sketch out my idea, though.
Take/get a family picture. We might try this again for May.
File taxes. (How does this always escape me!) BaBAM! We got them in. See ya next year, tax man!
Pass along a baby box of need-no-mores. It's gone. It feels so good to declutter.
Write a statement. I think I got so caught up in my big dreams that I forgot all about this one.

It was an all right month. I am extra excited for May!
Thanks April! See you again in a year.

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