Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fruit this week.

Hello Team Up Thursday! Weird events prevented Puna and me from playing the last few weeks. Not to worry though, we are back again this week.
What's that you say, you're not familiar with Team Up Thursday? Head over to see either of these ladies: Megan over at Mental Inventory and Melody the HipMomma. They put this together and are happy to share.
Without further ado, here is our Fruit this week:



  1. How fun! We really thought quite differently this week didn't we?

  2. I'm craving a banana now! I don't know what that first fruit is, but I bet it's yummy on the inside!

  3. Very different. Contrasting color, texture, probably even taste! Very interesting indeed. Great job, team.

  4. I like the contrast between the prickly creature at the top and the smooth skin of the banana! Super fun!

    For another photo project between friends check out