Thursday, April 1, 2010

Let's Play #170.

1. All you need is _____a spoon full of sugar________.
2. ____Irony____ fills me with laughter.
3. Each generation, as it grows up, ____learns to appreciate the values of the generations before______.
4. ______Cruelty_______ is something I have a hard time dealing with.
5. A trip to _____Italy_________ is what I need.
6. __Give______ and you get back.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to __fun with the kiddies___, tomorrow my plans include __dinner___ and Sunday, I want to __celebrate___!

Go here and play, too!


  1. I love your number three. Great answer!

  2. I could use a trip to Italy, too :-D

  3. OOOH Irony... LOVE that answer!!! You're right. Typically, it does make me laugh!

  4. Agree with #3 and gee, I'd like to do number #5 too. have a good weekend!

  5. Good to your trip in Ital soo!
    Happy Easter....

  6. I really liked your answers, especially numbers three and four. Here is my set: