Monday, April 12, 2010

Family Tree.

I was meandering around on Etsy looking for something different, unique and fun. That was all I had in mind. What I came across was a sensational artist named Hope. She has a shop with a small smattering of wonderful things. Her art captivates me.
This is the family tree that she penned for us. Our tree of four. We are each identified and yet all intertwined. We are individuals that grow together as one. We create. We journey. We live. It is a perfect depiction of the way we are and the way our world works. While I hadn't previously seen it, there is a poetic lining within what we have here. Her creation, her tree for me, revealed this to me.
These trees would make incredible gifts for all occasions. Imagine a wedding couple opening this framed piece customized for them, as they begin to grow their tree together. See the proud parents of a sparkling new baby glow with delight, displaying their new branch. Feel the emotions of a family, celebrating the life of a loved one lost commemorated with this. Think of that person who could use something pretty to remind them about the simplicity in life. Think of you. Just think of everything Hope can do.
I am forever grateful for her artistic rendition of us. Hope, thank you. I wish for you big things!
Hope also has a fine art site. Do check her out.


  1. I love etsy... I've found lots of treasures there, some of which I can afford ; )

    These family trees are lovely.

  2. What a wonderful thing to have found, thanks for the link. A good friend just had her first baby and this will make the perfect gift.

    Its Victoria here from the HM Writing Course. Just wanted to say I've really enjoyed reading your blog. You have a great writing style.

    V xx