Saturday, May 1, 2010

Recap: Mega Missons Year 27

May is my favorite month of the year.
Last year, I posted 27 things I wanted to tackle before turning 28. Here's how I did:

Keep things simple. They were simple enough.
Create a worry box. I haven't yet. I still want to.
Master my cappuccino maker. You bet I did. I can make one mean latte.
Pray. I'm still learning. More important is that now I do.
Give from the heart. I did and I continue to.
Make one major investment. If the bathroom reno doesn't count for this one, I'm not sure what does. I can't even begin to pretend the reno was what I had in mind last year when I wrote this but fate would have it this way.
Buy no more than 15 new books. I might have bought more. I didn't keep track.
Host a dinner party. It was at Christmas and it was absolutely wonderful.
Take a trip. I did! It was a quick hop for a day to another city but it was further than I thought I would make it.
Print a book. It was a photobook for my amazing sister. Blurb is awesome!
Teach a workshop. I let my gremlins win. I got too nervous about not being able or ready or qualified. I'm working these things through.
Plant a flower bed. Too bad I didn't think to snap a picture. I'm excited to see this year which of my perennials made it through the winter.
Lose 10 pounds. I have and then some. I'm comfortable in my body. I'm working with what I have.
Find work that I love. I enjoy what I do and I'm thankful to have a job.
Inventory my library. This one might take a whole life! I've started over at It's a great site!
Spend time outdoors. I'll take a woot woot on this one. We were even outdoors in drizzle. It was fantastic.
Build a sand castle. I didn't. We didn't go to the beach once.
Make ME space. I'm still working out the details. I did post about a few ideas for a dream space back in January.
Read at least one book per month. I know I read seven in one month (and they weren't mini 100 page nothings either) but I can't say I was diligent on one per month.
Jump in a pile of leaves. See, we raked the fall leaves this spring. The pile was gunky and slimy and just an ounce too nasty for me.
Eat healthier. I'm still trying although I've improved my eating habits from what they were.
Take a self-portrait every month. Try again next year.
Scrapbook. I've put a few pages together for our albums. I'd like to do more.
Break a habit or change a routine. Down to the wire on this one. I'm still trying.
Develop and stick to a budget. Right. Right. A budget.
Write. Ink to paper. I've come leaps and bounds with this. I'm even taking a writing course right now for ME. I love this.
Keep progress notes about this list. Mentally, I was in check.

Let's rock out 28! Day 1 was great.

Happy Birthday to me.

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  1. What a great list Kristina! (& very inspiring too). :-)

    Where are you taking your writing course? You have me very intrigued and I'd love to take it as well!