Thursday, May 27, 2010

Team Up Thursday: Out of Focus.

What an absolutely fantastic challenge this week. Sometimes it is exactly these shots that resonate most with me.
Three cheers to Megan and Melody for a great choice!
Here is Puna's:
Puna has such a sensational eye for detail. She sees things in such a unique way that I am fascinated by. She makes me want to pick a full bouquet of those tiny white beauties to keep in my kitchen.
Thank you for being my partner. Go see her over at Life Signatures.
And here is mine:

It is SOOC. A first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Oh, I have ideas of how I am going to edit this one. It couldn't have been snapped any more perfect for me.
Until next week...Cheers!


  1. Great shots. The Mr. and Mrs. photo makes me think of watching a dream.

  2. how fun! love that bride & groom shot. somehow captures everything a wedding holds, to see the possibilities in the future without knowing exactly what it will bring. lovely.

  3. interesting set. I'm enjoying this theme a lot. I'll have to try it sometime.

  4. Thanks Kristina! Thank you for not calling me weird:)