Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Writer.

If I were a writer, I would know what to pen to captivate an audience. Words would flow freely, form sentences of cohesive thought, fill pages with insight. Those words would make a difference. They would reach out and grace faces with smiles, catch you nodding your head in agreement or gasping in disbelief, wiping away at a tear, thinking twice, digging deeper, asking questions, craving more.
If I were a writer, my heart would swell with excitement each time I started and again upon completion. You know the feelings. First, that feeling that springs about when you crack open a new notebook, journal, paper pad and pick up the pen to get started. Then, that feeling of relief, release and contentment when you lay the pen down and know that what's on the pages is exactly what you chose to put there.
Because I am a writer, I know that I need to write what is in me. I need that excitement. I like the pressure. I have fun with the words.
Because I am a writer, I like to tell stories. I share what I know and what I dream.
Because I am a writer, I write.

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