Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thumbs Up.

Spring break is rounding out and everyone is getting a little kooky. We got outside today. We trucked through sloppy sticky build-me-a-snowman snow to get some fresh air. Steven was excited to splash in wetness. Kamila was glowing with rosy red pecked cheeks.
We scooted over to a mall just to look around. It was an eventful journey. I bought a series of prints from a local artist (Kal, she kicks ass!) and have been looking for the right frames for the set. I found an easel frame that will house five of them. I'm still looking for five more individual frames for the personal ones that need hanging in rooms. Pictures tomorrow.
On our way to the mall, there was a man who was trying to cross a road that has a steady traffic flow. He looked to be anxious to get across and being that we were in no rush to get to the mall, I stopped to let him go. A simple gesture that usually returns a nod or wave or smile. Not only did he hop and skip across the road, his smile lit up his face, he nodded, and shook out a thumbs up. That's what it's about. Give a little, get a whole lot more. My day was changed; My heart was touched. This stranger offered me gratitude and changed me. He reminded me that when we slow down and stop, things are different. We can appreciate everything if we look.
Make the time to give someone a thumbs up. It can be just what they need. It can also be just what you need.

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  1. I LOVE little interactions like that, where you show a kindness to a stranger and they give it right back and it makes your whole world feel wonderful!!! It makes me so happy even just hearing your story and I feel all full of joy right now picturing him with his thumbs up!! :)