Monday, April 20, 2009


Just a few things running through my mind:
Yes, I know it is late and this mamma should be in bed.
When I wake, I'm going to start a fitness regime again. There is something about Spring sneaking into the air that has blown motivation into my soul.
I'm creatively stuck which is a good time to rearrange things and spark a new flame.
I need to start (and finish) painting the kitchen.
I need to write a letter.
I need to make a Happy Home card.
I need to find my jump drive so I can develop pictures. I'm too impatient to send them online. All of my efforts to date have ended in frustration and sharp words.
I really enjoyed watching Patch Adams yesterday. That one jerks tears every single time.
Laundry needs putting away.
I would like Time to speed up and slow down simultaneously.
I am going to try and start reading one of many books sitting on my night table.
I am off to bed.
Good night!

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