Tuesday, April 21, 2009

She Did It!

Kamila was happily playing in her room this morning while I was dressing for the day. With mascara brush almost at my eyelashes, a #!CRASH!#.
The dog broke out into a barking fit. The cat sat nearby with eyes as wide as the moon and a look on his face pleading innocence. There, in the doorway to her room, was Kamila with the most accomplished smirk. She CRAWLED there! Then, to get my attention, she sent her gate crashing down to the floor.
Now here I sit, blogging the moment, as I watch her booting around the living room finding all sorts of treasures. My powers tell me there may be some rearranging in our near future.
Get out and smile today. I know we will be.


  1. Yay Kami!!!!! That's so cute and exciting!!!

  2. Couldn't wait 2 more days!! jezz! Whoohoo kammmi!!!