Thursday, April 30, 2009

Recap: Mission - April

Let's see how I did.

Celebrate Easter. We did and it was wonderful. I even managed a post picturing it!
Hammer out logo ideas. I've thought about them and started playing but haven't solidified anything.
Print Jan to Mar photos. Oh the rant I could write about this one! Something went seriously wrong with the disc I burnt. I was standing at the picture machine when I learned this. I AM NOT GIVING UP! Photos, listen to me, YOU WILL GET PRINTED.
Study Study Study. OK.
File taxes (YAHOOO!). yes we did. it was painless. it got done.
Organize craft centre. i have! I also really like it. Like things are together and within reach. My crafter's stool is set up. I've even used it to make a few things. Three cheers!
Get Cornelia Bean tea x 2. One that I got isn't my favorite but I guess they can't all be.
Get to the end of this crazy book. It is keeping me up at night! With lightening speed. I raced to the end and I cried. Sometimes the realities of the monsters in this world are too much to take in. For me, now with children, they are even more intense.
Scrapbook 2 layouts. YES! I did it! they are both simple and small but exactly what I saw for the pics on them.
Paint the kitchen (Lisa, this is a joint!). Poop! nope. Paint is still sitting waiting to be displayed on the walls.
Create cards for class. I switched this up a bit. I made micro reminder cards for them. I love them. They are tiny and cute.
Place first Stampin' Up order as a demonstrator. Rock the party! Not only did I submit my order, I sold a bunch of things too. Hurray for creativity!

April, you were fun. You were busy. You kept reminding me how fast time slips by. I'm looking forward to BIG THINGS in May. See you later!

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