Friday, April 17, 2009

Finding Things.

Every so often, I come across blog posts that just speak to me. The words of the author resonate in my mind long after I have finished reading the entry. The post that is linked below does just that. I cannot stop hearing this or thinking about this or trying to soak it all in and remember it.

To the author, thank you for changing me.

To the readers, TAKE THE TIME to read each word. Every single one is worth the time it took the author to type. Let this change your life.

What We Hold With Our Hands

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  1. Hey Tina, I left a comment on an older post too. I was wondering if maybe someday you would like to get together for coffee and pics. I was hoping that maybe you might be interested in taking some family pics for us. Just updated ones. With Payton being more animated now. Anyhow let me know. Thanks ttys Krista