Thursday, April 28, 2011

Team Up: Unexpected.

Unexpected was the theme this week and wowzers. It sure got my mind thinking.
Puna snapped up fish on a grill in an unexpected moment at a festival. I love it. For some bizarre reason, this image of hers has me conjuring up the conversation these two would have. How's about a witty caption? Can anyone lobby in on this one?
For me, it was this rare shot at a make-up counter. Another perhaps little known tidbit about me is that I'm not such a make-up kind of girl. If I find the time to swirl on mascara in the morning it is usually in the rearview mirror of the car while stopped in traffic. The moments of lipstick, liner, eyeshadow, foundation and powder, then the perfect kiss of colour are few and far between around these parts.

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  1. Wow, it's beauty and the beast! I put these two together, I had a chuckle seeing them side by side. Thanks again Tina for another fun week.