Friday, April 15, 2011

Team Up: Direction

Puna and I were in this week. Direction was what we wanted to find. I shake my head at the irony of direction as the topic and me here clearly lacking both the direction and discipline needed to post this on Thursday. Puna's shot has me in awe. Some weeks I am amazed at just how in tune we are despite having never met and living many many miles apart. Direction. I read so much of this theme in her image. A road trip across the Canadian Prairies in the spring is always an unpredictable adventure. Old Man Winter hadn't quite given us his licks yet and so, he blew out a final fury. Driving conditions were bleak. Complete white outs and a highway who's whereabouts was uncertain was what lay ahead. Direction. Faith. Hope. All things that helped us get home safely. Puna's image above from the National Cathedral pointing in all directions to faith. Melody and Megan have some more awesome team up shots happening. Visit them, won't you? To you, Puna, thank you! For partnering, for understanding, for being super awesome.


  1. That top photo is amazing. AMAZING.

    Just stumbled upon your blog and absolutely adore it.


  2. You are the best Kristina. I loved our collaboration. And yes, perfectly in synch we are! So glad you are my partner. Partner!

  3. Gorgeous images - both of you.

  4. that cold and windswept road just gives me chills looking at it-great, moody photo...