Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm slow this month. Instead of dwelling on this, I'm shifting it into a higher gear and it's GO time!

March ran away. In fact, the first three months of 2011 have run away. 1 - Top secret craft affair Booyah! This past weekend was the last meeting for my 2010/2011 stamp club. We each made a card front to swap. Watch for more details on these later this month. 2 - Crack a new text and keep the notes in order 50/50 here. The text is getting it's fair share of attention hence the semi-negligence around here. The notes in order business I'm struggling with. There is so much information. I have two 3 inch binders full of course material, a class notes notebook, a binder for notes and exercises, a quick reference guide of things I am struggling with. If you have any organization suggestions, please drop me a line! 3 - Get out into the frozen sunshine Perhaps not as often as I would've liked to and trust me, the jeans that have =ahem= "shrunk" are solid encouragement to get me moving this month. 4 - Summer camp plans beg to be made Absolutely yes yes yes. We are locked and loaded ready for a few months of sensational entertainment. 5 - Sing something (side note, if only the best birds sang, the forest would be a quiet place) My monsters and I have been scaring the animals in the house singing joyously 6 - Kick the laundry monster to the curb I think the laundry monster has a neverending supply of Energizer batteries. That rancid beast reappears every single week. 7 - Out Out Small Clothes! No and it makes me grumpy. 8 - The Wild Zone, The Gunslinger and I are to have a rendezvous tout suite! The Gunslinger is still on the back burner; The Wild Zone 9 - Pour some gravy on top My gravy on top this month was just getting to the bottom of this list. Because I did it, I'm absolutely impressed with March.

The month rocked itself out. There is still snow on the ground but most importantly, there is spring in the air. Geese have been spotted and while I still haven't seen a robin yet, I just know we are close.

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