Thursday, September 2, 2010

Team Up Thursday: Selective Focus

Fun week for team up this was. Selective focus. I get the obvious. Buttery backgrounds, soft around the edges, sometimes obvious sometimes not. Puna and I seem to have taken a different spin.
Here is Puna's snap. The first thing I thought was how awesome the colours of the buckets are.
Make sure you hop over to her blog, too. Check out her September banner. Awesome!

My selective focus came when I was walking through the woods. There was soft wet mushy moss carpeting the forest floor. Mushrooms were popping up here and there. New little trees were scattered about and trees were down showing me the natural cycle of life. Then I saw it. That plastic green that stood out. Looking from my camera perspective all I kept thinking was "one of these things doesn't belong". SNAP! My selective focus.
Be sure to visit Megan and Melody for some more great submissions. Hat's off to these ladies for the ideas and encouragement week after week!


  1. Thank you Kristina. What a great interpretation you had. It breaks my heart.

  2. Both photos are a very different take on the theme, and I LOVE them - very creative! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love your theme and your photos go so well - yet they're different! I think this is the FIRST time I've been to your blog - I'll be back next week if you're playing along. Thanks for coming by my blogspot!!!!!

  4. the bottle really stands out against all the other organic material in your photo.