Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Can anybody tell me

what happened to my Amanda Marshall collections album? I have the case but not the disc. Oddly enough my Nirvana incesticide disc is in this case. I can report that I can't remember listening to the Nirvana album in at least 10 years. Perhaps someone can form a theory on the art of disappearing discs.
The You're Beautiful collection album is MIA as is Disc 1 of my Best of Italy collection which has on it L'italiano. I can happily report that the case is in my hot hands, though.
While I'm on this kick, LISA I have the case for Lady Gaga The Fame Monster. Is this the disc that might have lost itself inside your car? If so, I'll send the case. They belong together. And, dear sister, while we're having this one side convo on my blog, any chance you know where the box of discs that used to be mine then became yours then went into hiding is? I might need to seek for it. For the record, I'm not interested in playing the hot and cold game for this one.

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