Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Puna gets to do a lot of flying. She's married to a pilot! A PILOT! It looks like she was in my kind of plane in her picture. Something large and stable, something where the windows don't open to let the air in, something where the light comes on telling you to fasten your seat belt and the staff review the safety measures prior to take off.

My image was taken while flying in a tiny four seater plane built by the man who piloted it. I sat white knuckled gripping both the seat and my camera (because we all agree that the photo is what we need right?) Those tall buildings are the downtown of my city. Puna says I'm kinda crazy (if she only knew!). What can I say? When my little boy took me by the hand and said, 'Let's go, Mom,' I just had to. While I may never have tried this on my own, I'd love the opportunity to go again. Maybe Puna, someday you and me?
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  1. You are a hoot Kristina! And no, I'll pass on the invitation but thanks for asking:) I just love having you as a partner!