Friday, July 31, 2009

Recap: Mission - July did I do?

Paint the kitchen. It's half painted. The eye-sore purple is gone. I'm calling this a semi-success.
Read 10 books. I'm not sure if I got a full 10 in. I know that I came very close. Some read ones didn't even make the blog. At least I'm avidly reading again. That was the point of this one.
Scrapbook 4 layouts. Half way. Two. The other ones just aren't lining up. Creatively, I'm stalled. It will come. I know not to rush this.
Fish 4 times. Meatloaf said two outta three ain't bad. I say one in four is pretty good considering the crap weather.
Visit the cabin 2 times. YOU KNOW IT! Not only did I get out two times, I got out for a few days and nights. As a plus, we have another day trip planned. Ah...the sweet life.
Move the craft stuff back to the craft station. (Oops!) I have. It also seems that other inhabitants of my household seem to be trying to overtake my craft station. Be Gone You Fools!
Start the Christmas planning. Started the planning and the shopping. KaCHOW.
Drop off clothing that needs to move along. Flunk. Flunk. and another flunk. Soon. I have to.
Think about my course strategy. I've conjured up a few ideas.
Get back on the photo taking train. Have I ever!

Off to August we go. You are going to be a big month. I can feel it.

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