Monday, July 6, 2009

Books and More Books.

I'm reconnecting with my reading self again. It's been no secret around here that I love to read. I don't always do enough of it. This translates into me doing as much of it as I can when I can. My imagination is very vivid. Ask anyone that knows me or anyone who has listened to me rant about some description or other. There are bizarre ideas that swirl around in this mind of mine many of which are odd combinations or concoctions of various literature that has nourished me.
War of the Roses by Warren Adler and Notes from the Universe by Mike Dooley are in the DONE pile now. The both of them were cool books. Warren Adler's story of a rancid divorce and the psychosis that can surround them was hilarious. Much more appreciated in print than in film for me. He has also wrote a follow up titled The Children of the Roses. From the few reviews I skimmed, it's not looking like anything I'm going to rush out to get.
I have the other two books in Mike Dooley's Notes series although I'm resting on them for a while. Notes was deep. There were pages that made me dig down into my soul and think. There were also ones that had me paying attention to the little whisper in the shadows of me. It was an adventure.
In addition to these, I'm in the last few pages of The Barefoot Girl by Catherine Munroe. This one has been a one-day read for me. At first I wasn't sure about this book. Something about it made me want to read it but also made me want to leave it for some other day. I'm liking the story. It's about a peasant girl who is married away to a wealthy merchant. While her father believed he was marrying her up, the truth about what happens behind closed doors is supposed to stay there. She is but property purchased for a purpose. It's an interesting read.
For now, it's off to finish reading this book.

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