Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Recap: Mission - October

Taking stock on last month:

1.Read my heart out. This may well be the last month for a while that I get the chance to leisurely read. I'm going to take complete advantage of it. Speaking of reading, I need to charge my e-reader...
My e-reader needs charging again and I've got in some serious and severe reading for my heart. Mr. Potter and I are nearing our end and already there are hints of a void.

2.Finish both my courses. Gulp!
I missed the mark on this one. I finished one and I've completed the mid-term for the other. There is some work to go but it's about to be wrapped up. Just a few more weeks.

3.Take pictures. More on this later.
I did. I'm learning that it isn't the picture taking that causes such a struggle, it's the picture maintenance that I need to work on. Uploading, sorting, labeling, filing, sorting, printing, sharing...

4.Dream something big.
I'm scatterbrained on this. I need something that hasn't quite come about yet.

5.Kick some stuff out.
BOOYAH! A whole bunch of broken things moved out. There's no need for them to stay. A few random "don't needs" left, too. One step at a time, it's coming together just the way things seem to.

6.Figure out a Halloween plan.
Check and check. Did you see the evidence?

7.Cheer on the return of our NHL team. We pick up our season tickets today! My stomach gets all fluttery just typing that.
Oh my my my. Welcome Home Jets! We're working it out. Game 1 was electric. Game 2 made more memories with my son sitting at my side.

8.Get some serious discipline in place. It's going to become essential to the winter ahead.
Needs work. That's the best I can do. I know what I'm in for and need to getting it together.

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