Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pillow, popcorn and a cozy couch.

No, this is not a love story.
But it is a story about love, and the power it has over our life.
The power to heal or destroy.
And this is where the story begins.

Mr. Vargas? Luis Vargas?
You don't recognize me, do you?
Miss Russell?
Julia Russel?

Original Sin is a movie I fell for the moment I heard of it many years ago, so many actually that I owned a VHS copy. From the first few lines that are read to the music that had my heart pumping and me gasping in the same melody to the choice of actors and the locations, it was all delivered with just the right am
ount of desperation. As Angelina Jolie reads in the opening lines, it is not a love story but it is a story about love. I don't get caught up in what's "wrong" with the movie. I choose, instead, to get lost in everything that's right about it.
It's a late night movie or a rainy day one or one I can pop in when I'm looking for an intense heartstring story. It is thought provoking. Is it love? What is love? How far are some willing to go for love? What sultry deception or naive smile are we each willing to fall for?

Have you seen it? Tell me, what are some of your favourite, go-to movies?

You cannot walk away from love.

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