Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On Hallow's Eve, my light shone bright.

It was a dark night. The air was crisp with a creepy feeling. Goblins, ghouls, zombies and the odd zebra were on the prowl. Mixed in was Rookie, the super dog, and Grandpa (just in case). All leashed up and away we went, an odd bunch for sure.
These two not-quite-monsters were troopers and Rookie was great. Grandpa took it all in with a sparkle in his eye that sent me back 20 years to when I was one of those almost-monsters dashing about. I only hope I was as gentle to my sister as my son was to his. Trick or treat mixed with a healthy dose of please and thank yous brought in a couple bags full of loot.
But see, I'm not big on the whole Halloween bit. I dodge horror movies like the plague and have been known to jump at the site of my shadow. My overactive imagination affords me a very generous dose of terror thankyouverymuch. So, at the first chance, I dodged the boo.
Near the end of our group adventure, I split away with my dogphew. He needed some good ground pounding. We walked fast. I can concoct this story or that about why but the truth is, I was nervous. My shadow was, after all, following us. My arms pumped the air with determination, my legs fought fierce and my knee screamed. While it has healed from the surgery I had 10 months ago, I'm not sure it has actually recovered. I pushed on, knowing the experience would be good for both the dog and my mind. As we rounded the bend on the home stretch, we picked up the pace. It was a run home.
Up the front steps and inside, he dashed for his dish, tongue hanging and slopping up water like it was going out of style. I gasped and heaved falling just shy of sharing with him. My legs burned. They felt raw. I paced slow, scared to sit thinking that perhaps stopping would make it worse. Before too long, the burn subsided and the jello set in. Mush was all that was left in my legs.
Much later that night I was laying in bed. As I slowly unwound from all the day offered, I kept coming back to the feeling after my walk/run. My head was clear, my heart was calm. The light bulb sparked and illuminated. I might have found another trick to tuck away in my life toolbox. I might be beginning to understand what the appeal is to running.

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  1. Halloween isn't my favorite either. I also don't need any additional props to be scared - there's enough in my imagination as well!

    I love that zebra costume!