Thursday, November 17, 2011

Music makes me think.

Does it ever. While I'm no where near a music connoisseur, I will listen to just about anything and I find this spills over nicely into my flow of life.
In any spare moment I can swindle, I'm buried in my studies. Life is busy and finding a balance is hard. The pursuit of any designation requires determination, perseverance and some mad study skills. Add to that a busy household, two active kidlets, a hubby and the dog and it's a recipe for this mamma to lose most of her mind.
The Study Music Project created this play list which I find helps me zone in. When I hop on the one-track-mind-train into the books, this music blocks out the noise around me and sets me up in the study zone. It's also an nice play list for so many other occasions. Maybe you're an artist needing something with a soft flow or a writer who hears unwritten words in the melody. Perhaps you're hosting a few people for dinner and want something in the background. It also works if you've got a friend coming for tea. Grab a book and curl up in a cozy chair. The potential for this play list is endless.
I hope you enjoy.

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