Monday, May 4, 2009

Once Upon A...

Once upon a morning, I woke up pregnant. I felt a rainbow of emotions. I did not believe that I was qualified to be a parent. I didn't understand why I was one of the lucky ones that was chosen.
Once upon an afternoon, I thought I was going to birth a baby. It was a long drawn out process but it worked. They laid him, all tiny and squished, in my arms. I had no clue what I was doing. I did know that whatever came our way, we would pull through. He had me. I had him.
Once upon an evening, I stood on the front steps of our home watching as my almost 5 year-old ran down to the park to meet our Nonna. He was going for a sleepover. He was so proud. I still wonder what we've done so right. As he reached her, he looked back at me and called loud enough for the whole block to hear, "Mamma I love you!" We had a few moments of calling back and forth. Then he took Nonna's hand to walk back to her house. I snuggled our baby a little tighter and turned to come back inside, tear streaked cheeks. I want to remember these moments. They are both growing.

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