Monday, May 25, 2009

Ahoy Monday!

What a nice start to this week. A lazy morning sprinkled with raindrops and an overall wetness outside. A happy baby and a beautiful boy who is still sleeping are just icing. I'm going to do some boring things (read: housekeeping) and I'm going to try to study. The clouds usually help me do that.
One of the trees in our backyard is soaking up the droplets and growing. I can see it happening. Ever so silently it is preparing for an explosion of white flowers that will themselves rain to the ground only days after they appear. They leave behind buds that become berries. The berries hang around long after the leaves fall. Those berries end up being nutrition for birds, squirrels, and other brave beasts that stick around for our winters. And so the cycle goes...
There is a tea cup that needs filling and laundry that begs to be started. I'm lucky today. I'm lucky every day.

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