Sunday, May 24, 2009


Negligent - (neg-li-juh nt) adjective; guilty of or characterized by neglect.

This is what I've been to my dear blog. SORRY. The last little while has run away on me. Between birthday parties, check ups, strep throat (AGAIN!), studying, catching up a few things, and a plague of dreams that leave my mind racing and unsettled I feel like I'm falling behind on a bit of everything. I couldn't even find the strength to play along with Friday Fill In's this week. Sigh.
I have managed in the whole shebang of things to lose my cell phone and this time feels like a doozey. I can't recall the last time we two spent so much time apart. I'm beginning to get concerned. Panicked even. So, Sweet Cell Phone of my Universe, please come home.
I have also separated from the remote that controls my TV. No DVD watching. No Wii Fitting. No Mario Karting. Just plain old cable TV. I'm going to need some luck finding this one. It may have been stashed somewhere that I thought was a good idea at the time.
I need to establish missions again. Solid ones. Ones that will see me through each day of this new week.

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