Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A week in time

One whole week of this year has past. I already feel as though i've accomplished much. Mike and i have been to two, yes two, movies in theatres. I have spent more focused one-on-one time with Steven...playing games, reading books, watching shows. We didn't fuss about laundry that needed doing or dishes that needed putting away. We sat together, played together, laughed together and didn't once taint our time with anything but a focus on us. Chalk one up on the board! i am ready.

I am determined to learn more about the dslr i own. it has a pretty black case and a couple different lenses. i know that i've snapped some pretty shots with it in AUTO mode. every time i've felt brave enough to turn the dial to anything else, weird things seem to happen, i get scared, and right back to AUTO we go. I am ready to overcome my fear of the camera! i am ready to learn more.

I will also read more. I've managed to misplace Angels & Demons by Dan Brown which i was quite enjoying just before christmas. i'm hoping that once all the hoopla settles and life returns to normal (read: all xmas decor is back in boxes and under the stairs again) that the book will magically reappear. i know i set it somewhere thinking i'd be right back to pick it up. now don't we all know how these stories end? So, in place, i've picked up At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks - a favorite author of mine. This evening, while out at the bookstore with Steven and my sister, i picked up Birthing From Within by Pam England and Rob Horowitz, one midwife, the other a psychologist. i'll post a review once i've read through it.

Let's get to it now, i'm ready.

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