Thursday, January 17, 2008

Plugging away

I've actually picked up my camera and taken some shots of our wedding bands in "P" mode [hip hip horray!]. I can'ts say i've quite figured out what the mode did yet but i'm excited that i actually got pictures in something other than "auto". I also learned that i suffer from camera shake. Yes, the dreaded camera shake! I now know what i have and want to figure out why. Am i pressing the shutter release too fast? Am i breathing the camera in such a way that it makes things worse? Am i not standing in a stable position? Am i doing something that i havent' figured out yet? So many things to consider and try different. I'm excited by this discovery because i know it's something i can work towards fixing.

Another major discovery was learning that my doggie, Shadow, freaks out when i take the camera out. So long as she didn't see it, pretty dog, happy dog. The second she realized I had it out snapping shots, POW, psycho dog BARK BARK JUMP BARK JUMP BARK BARK. You get the point.

Spectaculr proud momma me. Steven is learning to spell and print his name. Standing ovation for my boy!

I need to kick my tail feathers up and get moving on the course i'm taking. Procrastination is not doing me justice. I am a touch behind. Let's go, I'm ready.
Baby way, i'm getting a big belly. I know every pregnancy is different and blah blah blah. But i never expected to be growing this fast. Doctor appointment is next monday. Hip Hip Horray! Hopefully, my little cricket will cooperate and let us hear a heartbeat. C'mon darling, cooperate. COOPERATE.

I plan on putting together a dinner plan for us next week which i hope to post tomorrow. Simple, sweet and tasty, that's the goal.
Now i'm off to bed, another day awaits in the morning.

Off i go, i'm ready.

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