Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Remembering today.

Today I want to remember the way you woke.
The way you rolled over and nestled your pretty face into the space between the pillows hoping for just another moment of sleep. The sun sending susurrations along the rays streaming in through the long drapes trying to coax you up. Even the dog wanted to stay stretched out upon her marshmallow pillow of comfort.
You fluttered your bold brown eyes open in a way much like a butterfly does its wings having just emerged from a cocoon. They glittered with the excitement that only childhood innocence can. You were having none of the potty business that is part of the mundane tasks of morning. Rather than argue, I took it in stride. Sometimes that’s ok, too. I helped you slip on your faded blue top with the embroidered white heart and lemon yellow capri pants. Your teensy toes wiggled in excitement knowing that your pink flower sandals were next.
It was just a moment, same as any other. It was just another morning filled with wishes and dreams for a full day. It was just the same ordinary way we move but today, I want to remember.


  1. Beautifully written and yes, do hold onto those memories - things chance so fast!