Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blurred beauty.

She's 11 and a half but has no fear of the things that make my stomach turn. This may have been her first time on or her fifth. I lost count or perhaps lost my balance (thankfully, not my cookies) watching as the ride lifted her up, feet dangling, then flipped and spun and flipped some more to finally spin out and return her feet to solid ground.
In these moments when everything in me wanted to tell her no but that glimmer in her eyes said "Please, I know I can," I remember my days of adventure. The ones were height, speed and danger made the challenge that much more attractive. If there was any chance it might make my mom's knees shake or my daddy cheer, I was sure to be first in line to give it a go. The days before I, myself, was a mom and frighteningly naive to fear. Like a locked memory box, those days are filled with secret treasures I keep tucked away.
So, up and around she goes. I reminisce with a glossy gaze, hidden behind the lens, catching the blur.


  1. Love this photo and its accompanying text!!! I've been lucky - our daughter has motion sickness, so rides have never been her thing. But then again, other things have given enough cause for worry, like cliff jumping which caused a broken sternum (found out later, a kid had died the summer before doing this jump) !!!! Holy cr*p!