Thursday, July 7, 2011

Recap: Mission - June

Mondays are made for getting back on track. So, let's roll out today with a recap of June Missions.

1.Study up! T minus 10 days to a final exam. I can do this. I will do this. Has it been so long already since I finished that course? I find out at the end of this month how I did and I'm eager with anticipation.
2.Rock out first 5 modules of new reading and assignments. Today starts my next course. I couldn't avoid the double up so starting June 11, I'm going to be running to catch up. First 5 modules didn't happen. I took a few weeks off and am now getting back on track. Equally as important as giving everything is knowing when to reel in and rest for a while.
3.Find green. I most certainly have. It's all around. Rather than hole up in the house, it's been lawn chairs and backyards or front steps and sunshine for me.
4.Stack it up. It's time to pack away winter and welcome summertime sunshine. Do you hear me Mother Nature? I'm going to tuck away the cold clothes. I plan on turning off the heat this weekend (for the second time this year). I'd like to know I can leave the windows open without freezing. This was an awesome part of the month. Summer clothes are being worn, winter ones are gone.
5.Boxes, get outta my house! Some have left, some are still stuck behind.
6.Take back the basement. Not quite there yet but definitely in progress. It amazes me how a house with only four exterior walls still finds so many interior corners to hide things in.
7.Furniture overload. It's time to thin out the insanity. The two tiny desks are first on the hit list. While both seemed practical, the reality is neither is big enough to accomplish much more than being in the way. What about the China Cabinet? Can anyone lobby an opinion in on this? I have a large rectangle living room/dining room that does not have a nook to tuck the China Cabinet into. It is taking up wall space and is full of pictures and clutter but very few dishes. It does hold sentimental value, though. What's a girl to do? Flunk. None of this happened. Both tiny desks are still taking up space in places where neither belongs. I dare say one is quite possibly broken and should just be disassembled and discarded. The China Cabinet needs thinning but let's go at this one step at a time.

About all I can comment is that June is much more done than any of the intended tasks within the month were. It's summer time now and that opens the windows and doors for huge potential.
A tad late but thank you, June. You were fun in your own way.

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