Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I stood upon the weathered front steps staring off into the distance as night was slipping in. A gentle breeze rustled the treetops that towered above as though giving the daylight a gentle nudge to move along.
I inhaled and exhaled slowly.
My mind cleared itself of the rumblings of the day and welcomed in the calm...the comfort...the anonymity that night offers. I closed my eyes and listened as the nocturnal creatures began to emerge. I felt them slipping about masked by shadows.
Whoooooooooooo echoed in the distance. Whoooooooooooo. Whooooooooooo.
I thought to myself, "Who?"
What an incredible question.
The breeze blew again, more of a wind this time.
Lost in thought, I turned and walked back into my home.


  1. What a gorgeous picture you paint - I can almost feel myself standing there.

  2. Kristina, so beautifully written!!! I would love to see a photo to complement your text :)