Thursday, June 9, 2011

Found me.

I'm consumed. My time has been poured heavily into the exam preparations and, with one day to go, I'm nearing my breaking point. Exhaustion is licking at the outskirts of my blurred vision. My husband has been extremely patient and very supportive. My children miss me moving among our little family unit.
Two nights I've missed dinner, playtime, wind down baths, goodnight hugs and kisses and tucked-in-tights. I've worked hard to learn though I still feel far from knowing. I try to find the answers to questions so big I don't even know where to start. Sometimes reflecting is necessary. Other times, it is counterproductive.
It is during this time for me that only the rarest blogs are read. They are the sliver of sanity and self-indulgence that I entertain. It is stolen time. Sometimes I wonder if I would feel better foregoing my pleasure and pouring all my moments into the textbooks and course materials.
And then I tripped across a post today over at Roots of She...You Can...and just like that I have had my energy restored.
And I remember why I take that time...
Where do you fit yourself into the chaos that can sometimes unfold?


  1. I hope your exams go well and that you can soon relax with your family! You are juggling a lot at one time. I'm always trying to keep life simple - sometimes I'm more successful at that than at other times!
    Take care,

  2. I hope that your exams go wonderfully...I know that you have worked so hard! I'm sure you'll do great!

  3. I hope they went well and that you are now getting a chance to relax.