Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Book Shelf Seminar: Class Presenations

TravelinOma grabbed my heart today. She's talking bookstores in heaven. The one that she will own. The one that I want to enjoy. I can hear the crackling logs flickering embers up just so that you can't help but stop and smile. I can image the conversations that freely flow. I can feel the no pressure carefree non-sales because this is, after all, heaven.

As for the assignments today, I have a pass on #1 and #3. #2 is a near fail though. I am attached to them. I breathe their stories. I connect with the characters. I believe that someday I will devour the pages of each again.
#1 - Rearrange books and eat donut. Book inventory is done often around this place. It does not mean that I know where all my books are nor does it mean that I have read all of them. It does mean that I visit with the different stacks in the different areas. They know I mean well. I genuinely mean well and will someday absorb their stories. ... off to get a donut.
#3 - My children and I read regularly. Presently we are all about the Mr. books. You know the ones, small, square, usually funny, sometimes serious, always a nice read. We are also liking Robert Munsch and Dr. Seuss. I'm searching for the perfect copy of The Gift of the Magi. Any suggestions?

Over and out!

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  1. I clean out my books regularly, but I end up buying the very ones I gave away. You're wise to hang onto them.