Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Run away with me.
Missions have slipped. Is is not because they aren't here but rather because there are so many that the available hours are spent trying to catch up with a month that is otherwise running away.
A bit of a rundown between now and the end of it:
  • A very warm welcome back home to my gpa. Praying is working. Don't stop now.
  • Skating and swimming lessons with my #1.
  • A super awesome visit from my sister, future bro-in-law, and dogphew, Rookaroni!
  • Thanksgiving and whatever dinner indulgences it will lead us to.
  • A Trade Fair. = watch for details =
  • A half way mark for my course which I am staying mostly on top of. It is twice as hard to find the time but squished somewhere in most days I find a few stolen moments to give it.
  • A retreat with these ladies and more. I've never done anything like this. Me + 15ish relative strangers in a cabin for a whole weekend. I can feel the power within the walls of the cabin I've never set foot in. I can hear the formulations of conversations yet to unfold. I am already absorbing the energy and am shocked to learn it is my own. I can't wait!
  • I'm pushing myself - hard. I'm digging deep. I'm internalizing. I need to think more, this much I know.
  • Where this sidewalk ends, Halloween is waiting. It's a dark ghoulish party wanting to be lit. It will be just me, my #1, and our fearless pooch. Baby K (while not so baby anymore) won't be out and about with us. Neither will my super sister, whom has trekked through this every year since #1 came to be.

Let's get out there. Feel the season change. Absorb the transition. Live in the now.

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