Thursday, October 15, 2009

Family Matters Seminar: Ghost Stories

She's making me dig deep into me. TravelinOma is going for heart. She is asking about things today that are very meaningful to me. Grands and Greats. Family is my absolute most important value. Every family has its skeletons and its ghosts. Do you know yours?

While pictures of them are few, each one that exists tells a story of the person it portrays. The names are very alive for me. I am very lucky to still have two grands alive and even luckier to have met my three of my greats. I can still hear the way some of them laugh or the melancholy song breathed out when they spoke.
Willard Solomon 1914 - 199X
Grace Adelaide
Gennaro 1935 -
Ilde 1938 -
Rosa April 20
Mose Feb 13

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