Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Book Shelf Seminar: Scary Tales

TravelinOma has been here. She comments. Why don't you?
Today, in TravelinOma's School Days seminar, we're talking about scary stories. While there are a number of them that perk up in my mind - the childhood recount from Germany, the smokey roses, the white lady, the burial ground that lays under the cold house that bay, the heebies from Savona, the open mausoleum plot...oh the list is long for me - there is only one statement that resonates loud in my ears.
My Nonna respects the dead. It is something that she has taught me, frightened into me. As part of this Life Lesson from Nonna, she also maintains that it is not the dead that we need to fear but rather the living. In her words, "Kristina, The Dead, they are dead. The Living can still kill."
case (or perhaps casket) closed.

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  1. You have a Nonna too! You're the first person I've ever met who has one! People always think I'm crazy for having a Nonno and Nonna! Hahah.