Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bonnie's Day.

Iris Johansen is a favorite author of mine. She is a New York Times best selling author who now writes crime fiction. She has her main cast of characters that carry throughout her novels. Eve, Quinn and Bonnie are three of them. This year, she's finally released (in stages) the trilogy to explain the stories of each and how they've got to where they are.
Eve came out in the spring and it was largely the reason I purchased my e-reader...more on that some other day. I learned so much about her that I never knew. Where she started out, some of her secret struggles and so much character came out. I've read before that as an author you must know your characters right down to the last imaginable detail even if those details are never written. Iris Johansen has done a great job with that.
Quinn was a perfect accent to my summer reading and I raced through it because of the cliff hanger that was left from Eve.
Today, Bonnie makes her debut. I don't know yet if she completes the story but she does complete the set. I've bought my e-version copy and am now anxiously waiting until I can get home, grab a cup of tea and curl up to drink it all in. I have a funny feeling tonight is going to be a late one.
I'm also reading Book 6 in the Harry Potter series and my wonderful textbook at the moment. What about you?

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  1. I used to read everything she released, but then I got a bit tired of them so I haven't bothered in a few years. But I may need to reconsider my opinion and give this trilogy a chance.