Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Falling over.

Our days are undeniably filled with less sunlight. I catch my breath in the coolness on the air and wonder. Where did the summer filled with sunkissed days, lazy evenings and relaxing weekends go? What does the fall and inevitable winter have in store? When is a good time to pick pumpkins - a task we've quickly turned into a family event? What traditions will we establish without even realizing that is what's happening?
With Autumn making an undeniable statement of arrival, I am pensive and preparing for the long winter ahead. Have you noticed a difference in your thoughts or actions? Has the season begun to change for you? Has your heart?


  1. The days are still 80 degrees F here, but the nights get cool and crisp and it makes me so happy. This is my season.

  2. I love the beauty of Autumn, but dislike the shorter day/light length greatly. The thought of the cold of WI winters isn't very heartwarming either. Guess I should go south in the winter!