Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Remember 2008?

You don't? Really?...C'mon, really?
I happen to. Follow me on this one.
Today, August 17, was a Sunday. Back then, last night was a Saturday evening and we had been to a wedding celebration. We called it a night early. I was tired, heavy and my feet were swollen. Hubby was supportive. As best he could, he kinda understood.
I woke late, lethargically rolled out of bed and shuffled around. I was heavy and my mood could have been compared to a blend between Eeyore and habanero peppers. One moment I was moping. The next, I was spitting something saucy at any given undeserving recipient.
The sun was up bright, hot and dancing high in the sky. He shone for me that day. He smiled knowing it would be soon and trying to encourage me. He must've have know it was the moon who would entice me. The moon would help me breathe. The moon would see me through. But on that Sunday, as afternoon rolled around, that sun called to me. I did what Eeyore-on-Habaneros would do. I hauled out the mower and got to cutting the grass. A task that any other time would seem simple took everything out of me that day. After I'd finished, I rested. But that sun knew. In the dying light of the evening, he winked at me as brilliant pinks and purples, vibrant oranges and reds kissed the horizon finally giving way to the darkness of night.
The moon made her arrival. She perched high in the sky and shone bright.
I laid down about midnight feeling defeated and disappointed. Another day gone. I don't remember falling asleep.
Then it happened. Just as the sun had promised, at a quarter to one in the morning, I was startled awake. Even the dog was alarmed by the jolt.
The moonlight filtered in through the blinds and encouraged me, "Breathe."

Why do you think I remember so many moments of today? Check back tomorrow when I'll tell you.