Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Extra long and filled with fun.

This past weekend was the May Long up in these parts. Basically, that means the kickoff to the long weekends of summer that we're so lucky to have. It's the kind of weekend where cabins are officially opened for the season, trailers are settled into their spots, campers are excited for their season to start rolling and Mother Nature is supposed to kick spring time into high gear.
As it turns out, Mother Nature decided to dip the temps down so low that we had to turn out heat back on and she poured buckets of rain on us to make it very wet.
We didn't have extravagant plans but we did have days filled with family, laughter, good eats and an abundance of fun. We celebrated seven in style. I'm so excited for what is yet to come.

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  1. We have beautiful weather now, but rain is predicted for our long weekend coming up. Too bad! There will be graduation parties to attend and maybe the weather will decide to magically take a different course. How's that for optimism?!